Delivering in GMA (greater Montreal), across Canada and beyond

At Canbec we are dedicated to providing reliable on-time services by making available to our valued customers a professional customer support team and the latest information management technology. In so doing we are confident that not only will our clients expectations be met, they will be exceeded.

Proudly Canadian

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Canbec commenced operations in Montreal in 1980, and with a hands-on approach its owners have developed a group of companies that is the largest privately owned messenger organization in central Canada.

With a minimal driver force and administrative staff, Canbec and its affiliates have grown to a fleet of drivers in excess of 500.

While continuing to be based in Montreal, Canbec is part of the Starship Group of Companies operating in the messenger industry in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Toronto.


Canbec Courier Delivery van

Whether you require a delivery across town or across the country, Canbec is able to meet your demands through a variety of available services. A call to our Customer Hotline or one placed via our easy-to-use website will have your package en-route to its destination.

Bicycles, cars, mini vans, cargo vans, and 5-ton trucks are available to meet the demands of your delivery requirements.

Our online ordering system allows you to place requests for pick-ups and deliveries using your computer and then track the progress of your requests.

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Community Involvement

At Canbec, an integral part of our business doctrine is giving back to the community of which we are a part.

For approximately two decades, Canbec has been a contributor to various organizations that are committed to improving the lives of citizens in the Montreal area and beyond. Locally, Canbec has been a continued sponsor of the Montreal Childrens Hospital and Cancer Research. Canbec also sponsors various community day events allowing underprivileged kids the opportunity to participate in organized events.